Bindaas – contemporary Indian food

I’ve only been here twice, it doesn’t blow my mind, but there’s something about it that makes my brain refuse to forget about it…I think it’s the live band, it was so much fun the first time I came (to be updated next visit!).

If we’re taking a cab, get off on Hollywood road, it’s too trafficky to go through Aberdeen street.

Restaurant main entrance

Interior/atmosphere: mostly grey color tones, red and yellow at the bar, all redwood high tables with bar chairs (sofa side is more comfy), it’s a warm and sociable setting.

The vibe is definitely more fun at night with the live band, and you bet we’ll be singing along to Californicationnnn~ somewhere in the evening.

Food: Small dishes are quite yum! They seem to have more to offer in this section than the staple samosas in most Indian restaurants in Hong Kong. Go with normal spicy for all the curry dishes (the vindaloo is too high level for me!). Dont bother with the roti or naan though, unless you’re interested in the Naanza (Naan+pizza). I haven’t tried their cocktails yet, but we can always head off to Little Lab or Aberdeen Street Social afterwards.

Service: slow to respond, most of the staff seem to have just woken up and may not understand English very well, but the food comes pretty quick….which kinda makes up for it?

All in all, I would come here again for the atmosphere and small bites, or whenever I crave gentrified Indian food (btw Sevva is good with that too *drools*).

checkout Bindaas website for the full menu and reservation details lah

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