121bc – Osteria e Enoteca

A cozy and yummy Italian restaurant on Peel street, right next to LKF. The shared tables allow more opportunities to make conversation with other diners. I also think it’s a great place to take acquaintances you want to become closer with. Came here twice for dinner and drinks, quite satisfied.

Crowd is usually intimate small groups, not rowdy at all. Great for a chill night with 2-3 friends or a nice meal before partying down the street. Mmmmm I guess I would describe it as a comfortable space that welcomes new sparks?

Get off on Hollywood road next to the Chinese tea/juice place and walk up.

Interior/atmosphere: a combination of industrial, Brooklyn, rustic? It’s an intimate space with three long shared tables (third one is right next to the window, we can people watch on a saturday afternoon ^^). There’s also a private dining room behind the bar, think it can squeeze a good group of 8? It’s perfect for a dinner gathering with close friends.

My photos don’t look so romantic, but checkout other review photos online~

Food: they change their menu regularly I think depending on what they can source from the local organic growers and sustainable seafood (meat from Australia), wine selection is great (not that I know much).

The menu on one of the nights I tried out:

Take note that the olives aren’t pitted, so I’m gonna be a little gross when we eat this over some house white.

Liver pate very creamy, goes well with the fruit, made me crave cranberries


Papardelle yummy not too hearty

Steak and uni butter – I should have mixed the butter with the lentils instead of the steak

Service: Warm and friendly staff who know when to not interrupt your conversations *thumbs up*

So yeaaaaaa maybe we can do a double date here with one of our couple friends?? *hint hint nudge nudge*

Here’s there website to check their menu and they update their Instagram quite regularly too 🙂


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