12000 francs – modern European

You’re going to like this place for brunch. The sourdough bread is made fresh and warm, plus they have free flow HK$290/person for champagne, cocktails and wine (basically everything you like). For dinner, their menu is both interesting and traditional with the standard expectations of charcuterie, burrata, duck, lamb, ribeye, etc. I like how the kitchen is open to include some items with an Asian twist, like the Kimchi Devils (kimchi and soft boiled eggs), Rendang pork cheeks, and Pandan flavoured dessert.

If we go here for dinner, can we go to Awtar after for shisha? Please?
We can either get off on Hollywood road and walk up or if we’re lucky, can drive and park on Elgin street (probably only for early brunch).

Interior/atmosphere: With a largely dark green interior, grey geometric patterns, wooden furniture, gold/bronze decor, and warm lighting, the restaurant has a relaxing, modern, and yet romantic feel to it.

They have isolated seats and one long high table at the front, I’d prefer the sofa side for dinner and probably the high table for brunch 🙂

Food: Generally, I was surprised with how pronounced the Asian flavours were in some dishes. For example, the pork cheek pasta was definitely more of a curry 撈麵 than a rendang spiced tagliatelle, which was quite a fun surprise!

And omg, sweet potato crisps!!!

Motanera Ranchera – so filling!

Service: Might be better during dinner? Quite inattentive during our Saturday brunch, even though the space isn’t that large, the girls had to wave for the guy to take our orders (there were only 2 other patrons there too!).

Worth trying out for dinner (the menu looks more exciting too), kinda wish they would have the free flow during then instead of brunch!

Website and menu here!


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